Pinterest for Dudes

A lot of people have dismissed the social site Pinterest as a girl thing; something that’s only limited to hairstyles, sky high heels, sappy love quotes, and bedazzled craft ideas. For this reason alone, it seems that only a handful of members of the XY Chromosome Club troop to the chick-y and obviously feminine site to share images, links, and other forms of information.

Perhaps your hands have been itching to click on the “Pin it!” button upon seeing that Harley Davidson bike or that sexy Sports Illustrated spread you scanned the other night. But of course you don’t want to lose your reputation as a tech toy-toting, hotrod-driving stud by, well, succumbing to your cursory perception. Well, don’t lose hope. There are a lot of new Pinterest clones that have been making waves online, sans the pins and hearts. Take a good look:


A new site called Manteresting is already making waves among guys, marketing itself as a clever Pinterest spoof. From looks and domain name alone, one can easily see that it’s geared toward the male demographic – it uses “nails” instead of pins and “bumps” instead of hearts. Some of the notable posts on the side include baked bacon strips and hotdogs resembling a tortoise (manly food) and Jack Daniels-labeled milk cartons (manly breakfast). If girls have Ryan Gosling as their Pinterest poster boy, the guys over at Manteresting has semi-nude, heavily tattooed chicks as theirs. To top it all off, the site has the tagline “Interesting. Man. Things.”


Another site that caters to men’s Pinterest-ic tendencies is Gentlemint. A result of a 12-hour hack day in Kansas, the site founded in 2011 has quickly grown into the premier site for manly Internet content and ended up featured in large publications for both print and online such as TIME, Mashable, FOX News, and Forbes. It features topics ranging from cars, alcohol (and other vices), architecture, world news, popular culture, food, fitness, and more. Instead of pins, you get “tacks” to add to the masculine vibe.

Dart It Up

Dart It Up is a Chewbacca-obsessed Pinterest clone that has a more streamlined, minimalistic design compared to its contemporaries. It offers all the functions that allow users to organize and collect cool stuff online without the free estrogen that Pinterest seems to emit. Plus, it also features a leaderboard that tallies each member’s “darts,” much like what works on the Reddit rankings. The site even says, “it doesn’t have to be beautiful, make people smile, or create world peace – it just has to be awesome.” Although the creators make this claim, they have categorically stated that ladies are welcome, too, to contribute to the growing website.

Go ahead, don’t be afraid to pin stuff – guy-style! These Pinterest clones won’t diminish even an inch of your manly sensibilities. Besides, aren’t men naturally visual creatures? Perhaps these suggested sites will provide means to strengthen that reputation.