The 3 Best inside Sales Technologies That Are Sure to Fuel Results

Inside sales gives companies the ability to close business deals without the footwork, so it’s no wonder inside sales technologies are so crucial in today’s market. Technology makes the business world turn and without it, sales teams would have to resort back to a door-to-door mentality. So, with all the new sales technologies available, which ones are closing the most deals?

1. Customer Relationship Management


Image via Flickr by Mark Hillary

Because customers are the key to any successful business, it only makes sense that sales technologies are geared toward them. That’s where Customer Relationship Management technology, or CRM, comes into play.

With CRM software, sales teams increase their productivity because everything sales related interacts through the same CRM application. Whether it’s storewide price changes, processing multiple orders, or simply managing day-to-day sales, everything works seamlessly through the CRM system.

Additionally, CRM software acts as an in-house network keeping everyone on the sales team in the loop, even if they work solely on a mobile device. So, a salesperson on the floor can update a customer order from their tablet, which also notifies the sales manager in real-time. And, an increase in communication always results in an increase in sales.

2. Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation, or SFA, works in combination with CRM systems, but takes the sales process one step further. With SFA, a single sale is systematically tracked from the moment it’s made and the information is gathered to better inform the company on future sales.

In other words, by tracking one sale, the SFA system makes sure the same sale attempt isn’t made on repeat customers and produces future marketing efforts based off previous sales. This way, return customers aren’t annoyed by the same marketing attempts and new customers feel as though they are tailored to immediately.

There are many different types of CRM and SFA technologies available, so it’s important to choose the best fit in relation to the type and size of the business. Another alternative is hiring a reputable inside sales outsourcing company to ensure things run smoothly.

3. Email Marketing

Another great inside sales technology is effective email marketing. The reason the word “effective” comes before email marketing has to do with its latest advancements. Email marketing has been around awhile, but only recently has it become both an effective form of inside sales and a way for businesses to track sales performance.

Businesses that favor email market campaigning, especially those that also use CRM and SFA technology, can become better informed on what to send which customers on their mailing lists by simply adding informative links to each email.

These links, tailored to specific customers through SFA data, not only inform the company if emails are read, but also if the included link results in interest, or better yet, a sale. With this streamlined approach, email marketing is more likely to gain customer interest rather than those emails ending up in customer spam folders.

By using inside sales technologies like CRM, SFA, and email marketing, a business’s sales efforts will never be in vain.