FIX: This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine 2016

Windows operating system is most widely used OS in the world. It is the one and only source for many to do their work, surf the internet, play games and lot more other activities. But as we know windows operating system is not a free operating system like Linux. We have to pay a certain amount of money to get the full windows operating system. So most of us use the pirated copy of windows system. And in that OS we come to the one most popular error called “this copy of windows is not genuine”. We can not conclude this as a error. Because this is the sign that we don’t have the original windows operating system installed in our system.

So to get rid off from this notification, we have the working methods to fix this copy of windows is not genuine. There are two major reason for this notification: One is if you had clicked on activate windows option and second is you tried to update your windows system. This are the main reason to pop up this this copy of windows is not genuine error notification.

You do not need to worry about this notification as we are here sharing the working solutions to fix windows is not genuine error or notification.

Solution To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine:

fix windows is not genuine error

Before introducing the solution, we wants you to let it know that you must have the basic knowledge about windows command prompt. This solution will work from it only. So if you don’t know then first learn the basic commands and then try this given method to get rid from this copy of windows is not genuine notification.

Steps To Remove This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error By Command Prompt:

  1. First open the command prompt from start menu (Go to Start -> Search CMD -> Right click on it -> Click on Run As Administrator)
  2. A black windows will open. Just type the below given command inside the box: SLMGR – REARM
  3. Check once again the spelling and then click on Enter button
  4. A pop up will appeared for confirmation – Click on
  5. Now you just have to restart your windows system for the change to take effects

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Now you will see that you will not receive any kind of notification for “this copy of windows is not genuine”. If the problem still persist then follow the below given steps:

There is one update called as “KB971033“. It is the windows system update which notified the server that this copy of windows is not genuine. Here we will need to delete this update to make our windows error free. Below is the steps you are required to do to fix the error:

  • Open the control panel
  • Now go to windows section and open the updates
  • Find KB971033 update
  • Click on uninstall button to uninstall it from the window

Now again apply our above explained method of SLMGR – REARM and then restart the computer

We are 100% sure that you will now not receive any kind of error notification in your windows system. Now do not try to update your windows system again. Please make it as never update mode. If the given methods help you to fix this copy of windows is not genuine then you can comment below.